Corporate Licensing Is Hard

Navigating the complex world of corporate software licensing can be a challenge. Making the right, informed decisions early on will be crucial in the long term.

  • Saving money – picking the right software solution that will scale in the future without overpaying for something your business will never need.
  • Avoiding legal risk – different licenses are tailored to different companies and use-cases. Making sure that you adhere to your license agreement is crucial in avoiding legal risks to your business.

That’s why Sovatech is here.

Our Industry Expertise

Our goal is not to just sell you software, but build a long-term partnership. A combination of individual approach and wide range of options allows each customer to feel like a VIP client. Team cohesion, excellent knowledge of the software market environment and the commitment of the company’s employees allow the Client to resolve a wide range of issues in the field of acquiring software licenses in the shortest possible time. Most of the issues that arise with customers are resolved by the company’s managers on-line. The accumulated knowledge and experience, together with long-term business contacts with leading players in the IT industry, determine the efficiency in fulfilling the tasks set for us. By concluding an agreement, the client gains a reliable partner and confidence in the quality of the acquired software.

Personal Approach

We believe in providing you with the best solution tailored to your needs.

Market Knowledge

Years of experience in software industry allow us to see what others may miss.

Beyond Sales

Long-term support and cooperation is a key value for Sovatech.

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